Rainbow Reminders

September 2014


I would like to welcome all new clients and subscribers to my blog. Thanks to those who are using the first blog and those who took the time to provide useful constructive suggestions. Your feedback is always appreciated.

The affirmations I suggest adding to what you already use are:




I am constantly discovering new ways to claim and express my power.

I am determined to be the best me I can.

I have the right and responsibility to be true to myself.

I am enthusiastic about growing stronger, healthier and more creative.

It is a joy to be alive co-creating a fabulous life that is successful in every way.

My self-acceptance and belief in myself are setting me free.

It is fulfilling being me.





The current self affirming songs I encourage singing to yourself and imagining a chorus of friends singing to you:

Rainbow_____________, Rainbow_____________( your name is inserted in the underlined spots).

Go where you’re going to, do what you’re going to do.

And love will follow you. And love will follow you.

I Know that I must be loving me, to let another person come close to me.

And my self love is setting me free, and my vision is making it the way I want it to be.