Setting Goals for the New Year


Hello everyone. My last mailing to you did not have the fireworks photo taken by my colleague, Beverley Star. So here are two photos instead of one by way of compensation.

The year 2015 undoubtedly had high and low points. All of it is OVER. In order to have new beginnings there must be endings.  If it is your intention to have a truly new beginning in 2016, it is essential to complete any unfinished business from 2015 or earlier.  This means any emotional residue from unexpressed feelings, any memories stored in the body in contracted muscles or misalignment of limbs, any circuits in the brain with stored patterns of hyper or hypo-autonomic nervous system arousal must be faced and dealt with, completed. Some such completions can now be done on your own applying skills you learned in the course of past psychological consultations. Some may need some further instruction and support. I remain available for the latter and look forward to facilitating the process of clearing the path for what is new and fresh.

Letting go of the old also entails removing limiting thoughts and beliefs and anchoring thoughts and beliefs that set you free and keep you free.  This is an ongoing process that requires vigilance in the form of regular mindfulness, awareness, attunement and observation of thoughts, feelings and sensations. I also look forward to assisting this process in whatever way I can.  I will continue the postings on my Facebook business page, sending periodic emails and blog entries, and posting new articles to supplement our in-person consultations. I encourage referring to these aids periodically.

Goal setting and visioning what you want to achieve in your career, family relations, self-development, travel, financial security are all important in assuring that you are in the driver’s seat in shaping how your life unfolds. I can also assist you with this process.

For the many who have recovered fully from past stress and trauma, let us build on the freedom we have acquired and make the good even better and the better even better yet. Psychological consultations are not just for healing our wounds, the focus can be on launching further creativity and enhanced performance. Let’s go forward with ENTHUSIASM.

Join me and all those committed to making 2016 our best year yet and together assuring a better quality of life for all our friends, neighbours, and creatures on the planet.