About Me

I am an experienced Downtown West-End/Coal Harbour Vancouver psychologist, educator and writer who has dedicated my life to optimal health and emotional well-being through self-care. As I empower myself, I share my knowledge and the practical skills I use daily. As a result, those who consult me learn to empower themselves and, therefore, have more fulfilling life experiences. My commitment to my own empowerment inspires and motivates clients to make similar choices to heal from past and current traumas. Clients also recover from the anxiety, depression, fear, helplessness and the reduced self-esteem that trauma leaves in its wake so as to live more successfully and joyfully in the present as well as the future.

I will assist you to free yourself from limiting thoughts, feelings, and dysfunctional behaviour and replace these with emotions and actions that lead to more meaningful and fulfilling experiences at work, in your personal relationships and creative endeavours.

Listen to my voice introduction

It takes courage to share the intimate details of your current issues and past history. Ensuring that you choose a psychologist who is competent, compassionate and trustworthy increases the likelihood of success. I take very seriously the responsibility of facilitating each client’s journey to wholeness in a way that creates the safety to experience and express a range of feelings and to develop the wisdom to learn from the gift emotions offer about needed changes.

It is critically important to differentiate between needed inner changes and changes that are required from friends, partners, family members, co-workers, neighbors and the social systems that impact us. Often we incorrectly blame ourselves for events and circumstances beyond our control. We also sometimes avoid accountability for actions that we are well able to change and which would be beneficial for us, for our loved ones, and for people in our workplace. I have become very adept at identifying accurately when I am the one who needs to change or when it is time for me to demand changes from those who want to remain in my circle of good friends and colleagues. You can rely on me, therefore, to assist you to develop your own radar about what is your responsibility to shift and when you may have to leave a destructive relationship or toxic work situation.

I am known to be nurturing, empathic and forthright. I will steer your empowerment process both gently and firmly. Since I make a point of continuing my studies of the latest developments in evidence based, positive, cognitive behavioural therapy, mindfulness practice, emotionally expressive therapy and brain/mind research, I am able to direct clients to self-help articles as well as assist in the acquisition of skills that assure that those who truly want to change can do so relatively quickly.

I am delighted to be practicing in downtown Vancouver after several decades of private practice and teaching in neighbouring Victoria. Some of you may remember me from my years at the counselling service at Simon Fraser University, private practice in the Fraser Valley, and weekend workshops in communities throughout B.C. I look forward to serving those of you who already know me and to welcoming new clients eager to embrace positive change.

“Take time to play…it is the secret of youth
Take time to dream…it hitches the soul to the stars
Take time to laugh…it is the singing that helps life’s load
Take time to love…”

Katherine Nelson Davis

The Heron's Watch - a poem of encouragement by psychologist Sara David