Individual Counselling

A woman is stressed before she seeks counselling with a psychologist.There are many concerns that lead an individual to seek counselling. Click on the home page for a partial list. Many people think they must have at least one specific “problem” or “challenge” troubling them to seek out a psychologist. While psychologists are experts in treating dysfunctional behaviour and can certainly assist clients to eliminate needless emotional suffering, I am also an expert in guiding healthy, creative individuals to even higher levels of success at work and play. Increasing numbers of Canadians are realizing that the best care is self-care. Psychologists are professionals with extensive training in  brain/mind functioning and emotional health . As a psychologist I will help you to dissolve the resistance you may encounter when trying to incorporate positive changes. I will help you to make these changes with ease, for example: healthy lifestyle choices such as superior nutrition, proper exercise regimes, meditation, rest, stress management, and the maintaining of emotional equilibrium. Enhancing your emotional health and well-being prevents the development of serious illnesses and leads to relaxation and better coping skills. Learning to solve problems more quickly and effectively leads to better decision making and better outcomes. Success increases self-esteem and paves the way to even greater success.

Life happens and even those of us most conscientious about our physical, emotional, and spiritual health do at times experience events beyond our control such as injuries, death of a loved one, separation issues, bullying or intimidation by another, discrimination and sometimes even natural disasters. If any of these events is what leads you to seek my assistance, I will offer the compassion, support and encouragement you need and deserve to mobilize your emotional resilience.  I will provide you with validation when self-doubt, fatigue or feelings of powerlessness threaten to overwhelm you and temporarily disrupt your ability to validate yourself. I will work collaboratively on restoring your confidence and feelings of power and self-esteem.

Don’t wait for further
deterioration in your situation.


“In oneself lies the whole world and if you know how to look and learn, the door is there and the key is in your hand.  Nobody on earth can give you either the key or the door to open, except yourself.” J. Krishnamurti 

The Inner Harbour, a poem written by psychologist Sara David Joy.