Dispel the Darkness

You must understand the whole of life,
not just one little part of it.
That is why you must read, look at the skies
That is why you must sing and dance, and write
poems, and suffer, (to overcome and end suffering)
and understand, for all that is life.
~ Jiddu Krishnamurti

In these seemingly dark times, when many challenges seem overwhelming, it is more necessary than ever to focus on solutions, not problems. We must be the ones to dispel the darkness, turn on the caring within to dispel the indifference or ruthlessness we sometimes observe in our outer circumstances. While this may seem no small task, it is the task before us. It is what we are called to do individually and collectively to recover from personal and collective trauma and become transformative agents of personal and social change.

Christmas lamps

The foundation of both stability and change in the individual and society is SELF-LOVE. This bears no relation to self-absorbed narcissism. SELF-Love is the love of that intuitive, inner, eternal soul, the best of our being, the offspring of what is Divine. When we love ourselves we eat nourishing food, move and exercise regularly with awareness, sleep and rest peacefully, meditate, breathe fresh air, drink pure water, dress in clothes that are comfortable and attractive and surround ourselves with furniture, utensils, and artwork we treasure. Most of all we attract sincere and encouraging friends, inspiring mentors and meaningful experiences. As best as we can, we live JOYFULLY.

When do we do this? NOW.
Where do we do it? EVERYWHERE.
How do we do it? By engaging our IMAGINATION and ENTHUSIASM to plant a picture of our wildest dreams, by thinking big and by FEELING INTENSELY how fulfilling it is to actually live our dreams. We make the best use of our time, energy and resources. We declutter our minds, our closets, rooms to replace the good with the better yet. We turn to the temple, synagogue, mosque, or church within regularly to align ourselves with the will of a loving Source.

How do we show our thanks?
By joining the ranks
of those who love
and RISE above
to dance
with the stars
Sing to the tune
Of the full moon
Breaking free in ecstasy.