Living Peacefully

In a world where violence, conflict, poverty and divisiveness are on the increase, it can seem an overwhelming challenge to live peacefully within one’s family, work environment and one’s community. More people than ever are finding it difficult to face loneliness, isolation, anxiety, depression, felt betrayal, insecurity and despair. It is no small task to remain healthy, physically and mentally, in conditions that are becoming more authoritarian, divisive and destructive to individual and collective freedom. The current crisis with inflation worldwide and climate change heighten the urgency of individual and social change.


It has been my privilege to have witnessed the small steps and occasional gigantic leaps forward of many of you committed to being authentic in an inauthentic world, to walk placidly in the midst of needless noise, chaos, and increased financial pressures all the while recovering from traumatic life events, recent or long past, that lead to needless suffering.

It is truly the Inner Journey that can have the ripple effects to bring about some kind of sanity and stability in the outer world and I encourage those of you I have not seen for a year (or more) to consider a ‘winter tune-up’. Recently, I have had return visits from clients I have seen 10, 20 or more years ago, each impacted by new life challenges in work, health, relationship or creative expression. It is a privilege to resume contact and to facilitate further progress to the many improvements clients have made in the intervening months and years since we last met.

Self-care and empowerment are radical acts of courage that have collective benefits. May you be an inspiration not an impediment to those who matter to you most. Put your wounds permanently behind you so that you can win at the game of life. Make this process of living a fun game instead of a dreaded drama.

I invite those of you who are willing to drop me a short update on your successes. I will share some of them in future newsletters, blogs, or articles I write, of course masking your identity.

It is always a joy to hear these stories and I look forward to hearing more of them and sharing them with others in need of inspiration and encouragement.