Dealing with Uncertainty

Many of those who consult me ask for tips on dealing with uncertainty. We all wish we could control the future. We especially fear loss or pain. To accept uncertainty calmly and peacefully, we must stop a thought or replace fear-inducing thought, with reassuring talk.

The unknown can be handled effectively if we rehearse and prepare: as in writing a will, purchasing insurance, eating well, relaxing, exercising, activating a loving supportive network, and reading biographies of inspiring, creative people.

Take a moment to brainstorm your own playbook for what you would do if… make sure you include what you would do if the unknown, unexpected events were wonderful ones such as getting your dream job, falling in love, receiving an unexpected financial windfall, or winning an all-expenses-paid trip to a dream destination.

Focus on your breathing and do a body scan so that you are not just imagining with your mind. Make sure you anchor your plan physically so that you are in a calm, relaxed, comfortable state that fits with overcoming difficulties or that goes with living your dream. Notice and feel the smile on your face, the sparkle in your eyes, your confident posture, your breathe as you inhale and exhale.

The more we take charge of our physical comfort and well-being, as well as our positive thoughts, the more we hone both our confidence and competence to succeed.

We can then welcome and embrace uncertainty, knowing we can navigate whatever comes our way and assure our ultimate success.