Couples Counselling

A couple watching sunset on the beach. Couples Counselling can assist when the joys of initial romance fade.Couples Counselling can assist:

  • when the joys of initial romance fade
  • when couples feel distant and disconnected
  • when either person feels misunderstood
  • when frequent conflict leads to poor or hurtful communication
  • when trust must be restored after an infidelity or other significant breach
  • when there are cultural, religious, or other background differences that create hurdles
  • when gender conditioning or other learned role behaviours have become limiting
  • when parents, siblings or relatives intrude upon the relationship
  • when individuals want to improve co-parenting skills
  • when there are difficult life events to contend with (job loss, a death)
  • when the relationship needs a boost to restore the magic

Hands reaching to each other - couple counselling can assist when the relationship needs a boost to restore the magic.It is my experience that a deep and loving relationship is a gift that brings immeasurable joy and fulfillment. It deserves the time and attention to assure that it achieves its full potential.

I assist couples to learn ways to communicate more effectively and respectfully and to use those skills regularly. I facilitate a process that enables each couple to become allies in healing and empowering themselves and each other instead of thwarting one another. Through increased understanding of themselves and their partners, couples strengthen their sense of connection and safety. By establishing and maintaining a steadfast and supportive bond couples are empowered to co-create greater intimacy, joy and fulfillment. Couples with children become more effective co-parents to healthy, happy children who enjoy self-esteem and respect themselves and others. Differences are no longer divisive. Instead differences actually enrich the partnership.

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